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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance is offered with my Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) membership?

Medical malpractice insurance included as part of your NHPC membership dues, and is mandatory coverage for all practicing members. Members may add the commercial general liability insurance component to their coverage for an additional charge.

What is medical malpractice insurance?
Medical malpractice liability insurance (also known was professional liability insurance) covers you for the rendering or failure to render professional services. In other words, if you inadvertently hurt a client while performing your professional service, the client may wish to sue you. Since the alleged incident took place while you were performing your professional service, you would claim this under your medical malpractice liability policy.
What is commercial general liability insurance?
Commercial general liability covers claims for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage to others for which you are legally liable. Commercial general liability insurance provides protection for NHPC members for non-professional liability exposures associated with serving clients. For example, if your client were to trip over your equipment bag, the client may sue you because the incident did not take place while you were performing your professional service.
When would I need more coverage than my NHPC membership gives me?
It is important to note that both liability policies protect you - the individual. If you are incorporated, have a partnership or form any type of legal entity, you must make arrangements to protect the legal entity by purchasing a separate commercial general liability and/or property policy which are offered through the business package program. This type of policy is not included within your NHPC membership and it is your responsibility to ensure that arrangements have been made to protect your legal entity.
How do I pay for my coverage?
NHPC members' liability insurance program premiums are payable with your annual NHPC membership fees.
Where is the NHPC liability insurance program handled?
Both the NHPC and Aon Edmonton office handle parts of the administration of this program. Call the NHPC for modality additions or changes, membership renewal, joining the NHPC, address changes and payment. Call Aon for certificates of insurance, insurance questions or additional coverage for your business or unapproved modalities.
Are all modalities/disciplines covered under this program?
No, the commercial general liability and medical malpractice liability policies only provide coverage for those modalities you are approved to practice by the NHPC.