Member Benefits

As a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) you have access to all the insurance you could need. Included in you membership you can purchase medical malpractice and commercial general liability insurance depending on your needs. The premium for both these coverages are included in your membership fee.

Medical malpractice insurance

For practicing NHPC, medical malpractice insurance is required. This insurance is offered under the liability insurance program with option 2 level membership.

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Commercial general liability

Some members may need to purchase commercial general liability in addition to their medical malpractice coverage. This can be done purchasing option 1 level membership. Sole proprietors: Unless you already have commercial general liability coverage under an existing policy or are an employee of a clinic that carries coverage with you included under the policy, you should purchase this coverage option.

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Members also have access to the business insurance program which provides coverage to protect practitioners property. Also if you practice under and incorporated entity name you will need a different commercial general liability than that offered with your membership. For more detail on the business insurance program.