Health and Benefits Referral Program

Supplemental health and dental coverage for you and your clients, provided by Green Shield Canada (GSC) Health Assist.

What is Health Assist?
Health Assist follows a simple approach, providing seven pre-packaged individual benefits plans.

Simple approval process

Plans 1-2-3-fundamental - guarantee acceptance
Plans 4-5-6 and semi-private hospital - medical questionnaire only

Who is eligible?

For more information about what's included with Health Assist please visit

How to refer a client

Option 1
Set up your own Health Assist Personalized Link.

    1. Complete the "Request for new advisor" form.
    2. Email the completed form to Green Shield at

Option 2
Forward the GSC Health Assist online application link located on our page to your client.

After purchasing Health Assist, email Green Shield at and follow these instructions:
    1. In the email subject line include:
      "WFG Health Assist Application" and the name of applicant as filled out on the application
    2. In the body of email include:
      1. Agent's full name
      2. Agent code

No outbound calls will be made to your clients. The only time your client may be contacted is when they purchase the product.

For additional information contact us at

Green Shield Canada overview
Green Shield Canada (GSC) has over 55 years of experience and is recognized as the industry's leading health and dental benefit specialist and innovator. As Canada's only national not-for-profit health and dental benefits carrier, GSC delivers competitive and comprehensive health and dental packages supported by customer service that is a cut above.