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Group Benefits at Aon

Rising benefits plan costs. Legislative and policy changes that alter legislative compliance and governance requirements. Economic challenges. Payroll pressures. It’s not easy for group benefit plan sponsors to keep up. Aon’s consulting practice will work with you to develop customized benefits plans that drive engagement, attract top talent, maximize workforce productivity, and keep costs in check.

Actuarial support
Accurate actuarial valuations along with education about their impact makes it easier to plan appropriately and act proactively.
Annual renewal support
Conduct an independent renewal analysis to assess the overall appropriateness of the provider's proposed rate adjustments and expense charges.
Benefits philosophy and strategic planning
Ensure that the benefits program supports overall business objectives by clarifying the philosophy, goals and management policies that govern the benefits program now and into the future.
Claims experience analysis
Review health and dental claims experience on a quarterly basis to identify emerging trends, and enjoy advance insight into what to expect at the next renewal from our observations and renewal projections.
Compliance and Market Trends
Keep up to date on changing compliance requirements, new carrier offerings, new drugs, and market trends.
Day-to-day consulting support
Leverage the assigned team as well as our comprehensive network of experts and resources to support on a range of day-to-day tasks.
Executive benefits
Identify and cover gaps in group life and LTD programs for senior leaders who may not have sufficient coverage.
Financial reporting
Ensure accurate financials through diligent auditing of the financial results presented by insurance providers.
Global coverage
Our Canadian teams are supported by global experts and resources to assist wherever employees or offices are located.
Long term disability (LTD) case management
Receive support through Aon industry partners in the ongoing management of LTD claims (semi-annual meetings) to ensure claims management is aligned to disability best practice.
Plan design support
Review plan objectives and parameters, financial arrangements, cost containment needs and accounting for your current situation, compliance, industry trends and impact to employees.
Plan harmonizations
Identify the appropriate plan design that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders with minimal disruption and cost, and implement the new plan and provider, if appropriate.
Plan marketing
Leverage our presence in the market, strong relationships with vendors and proprietary insurer database to ensure that the insurer chosen is the best fit for both cost and service.
Provider management
Leverage our partnership model to get the best ongoing service from insurance providers.
Special risk
Insurance coverages should be reviewed to ensure protection against special risks, such as risks involving employee travel or expatriate employees.
Union negotiations
Draw on our support in preparation for, during and post bargaining, including pricing potential negotiation options, 24/7 support to the bargaining team, and review of amendments and insurance contracts.
Address health risks through preventative wellness initiatives to prevent the chance of claims materializing.