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Not sure what to purchase? Read below for a description of the coverages available:

Mandatory coverages

Professional Liability

Coverage for an unintentional/negligent mistake while performing services under the scope of a cooperative counselling therapist. This includes legal expenses coverage and criminal defense costs reimbursement.

Example: Improper advice given to a patient results in their injury and you are sued for negligence.

Legal expenses

Provides coverage for complaints including allegations of professional misconduct, sexual abuse or sexual harassment filed with the provincial regulatory boards. The insurer will provide coverage for legal expenses applicable to any disciplinary/investigation proceedings with a regulator/provincial college.

Criminal defense costs reimbursement

Covers you for charges brought against you under the Criminal Code. Since criminal acts are excluded, the insurer does not have the duty to defend. The insurer, will pay on behalf of the insured party, provided that:

Please note: Includes the sexual abuse therapy and counseling fund coverage for insured persons in Canada. This endorsement provides a maximum funding of $25,000 for the rehabilitation of a person who, while a patient, suffered abuse in the course of an insured person's practice of cooperative counseling therapy.

Optional coverages

Commercial general liability

Coverage for bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

Example: When visiting a client , you accidentally spill coffee on the floor and they slip and fall. Commercial general liability coverage protects you if you are named in a lawsuit.

Legal entity professional liability insurance

If you operate under a business name, legal entity coverage extends limits of liability to protect the business in the event the legal entity is named in a claim involving an employee or owner of the business. This coverage provides protection for billed therapy services. The cost for this coverage is based on the number of professionals employed.

Extended reporting period

Extended reporting period coverage can be provided to those individuals who are suspending or discontinuing their practice:

Term Premium
One year $100
Two year $150
Three year $200
Five year $250
Unlimited $300