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Property Insurance

Home protection as unique as you are.

Your home - be it a house, condo, rental apartment or cottage - is often your largest and most important possession. For that reason, it deserves equal care and responsibility. Protecting you, your family and valuables is just the beginning.

Regardless of your living arrangements, we’ll deliver peace of mind so you can enjoy that home, trailer or cottage. We’ll help you secure a policy that goes over and above and often includes added features, so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying.

Additional discounts

Getting you the best value doesn’t stop at choice. Find out the many ways you can save with Aon’s additional discounts available to you. They include:

Additional benefits

Disappearing deductible - for each year you don’t have a claim, your deductible is reduced by 20%. After five years, it just disappears.

Personal property protector - your discount is maintained regardless of your first claim.

Let us make it easier

If you have questions or aren’t sure about the solutions available to you, we can help. You can get an online quote or talk to a personal insurance broker who will provide you with the answers to your concerns.