Analytics at Aon

Numbers tell a story. Aon’s national analytics team performs intensive analysis of employee benefit costs, claims, and utilization patterns. We identify cause and effect correlations that can be used to improve workforce and business performance.

Aon combines consulting expertise with a range of propriety tools that unlock the story behind the numbers.

3Cs – claims, costs, conditions
3C alignment is an integrated data analytical process that aligns claims data by health condition, and identifies opportunities for improvement of modifiable disease risk.
Benefit Index
Aon’s Benefit Index contains summaries of benefit plans from approximately 400 organizations across a variety of industries and geographies. By benchmarking the relative value of your organization’s benefit program to your comparators, you gain a wealth of invaluable insight to guide your benefit design decisions.
Benefit SpecSelect
Aon’s Benefit SpecSelect provides quick and easy benefit design comparisons with the programs of any organization in our database.
Claims Audit
Our proprietary audit process and technology is used to analyze 100% of claims – not a sample. Transactional level claim history is re-adjudicated to uncover and quantify benefit coding errors, manual adjudication errors, exception process, and internal administrative rules that result in claims being paid outside of the contract terms.
Drug Utilization Review (DUR)
A DUR will pinpoint the reasons for high drug costs, identify the sources of increases, and provide recommendations to help manage the costs so that the plan remains sustainable over the long-term.
Predictive Cost Model (PCM)
Aon’s PCM is a dynamic real-time plan forecasting tool that includes modeling of uncertainties such as funding, inflationary growth, and plan design changes by simulating different scenarios on demand.
Relative Cost Index
Aon’s Relative Cost Index (RCI) tool integrates the health (drug, extended health, disability) data of your organization and enables you to compare the actual costs of your benefits program to the expected costs based on your age and gender profile.

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