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Coverage Comparison

What's the difference between medical malpractice and commercial general liability insurance?

Medical malpractice insurance

Medical malpractice insurance, also known as professional liability, pays for claims resulting from the rendering or failure to render a member's professional practice, that is to say, bodywork. For example, if you inadvertently hurt a client while performing a treatment, the client may wish to sue you. Since the alleged injury took place while you were performing your professional service, you would claim this under your medical malpractice liability policy.

Commercial general liability

Commercial general liability provides coverage for claims resulting from bodily injury, property damage and personal injury to others arising from the operation of your business. This policy is carried by any responsible business owner, whether a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation. It covers claims from patients, clients, landlord or neighboring tenants. For example:

  1. A patient is leaving your clinic, and slips on ice and breaks his/her leg. The patient sues you, alleging you failed to clear the walkway which is your responsibility under your lease.
  2. The bathroom toilet overflows, leaking to the premises below your business unit. The neighboring tenant sues you for damages caused to stock and equipment.
  3. While leaving a client's home after providing a treatment your massage table catches their couch and tears a hole in the fabric.

Unless you already have commercial general liability coverage under an existing policy or are an employee of a clinic that carries the coverage with you included under the policy, it is highly recommended you purchase this coverage option.

We are pleased to advise that both liability policies "follow" you anywhere in Canada - whether you are in your home or office, or travel to a client's premises, the liability policies are not location specific.

It is also important to note that both the medical malpractice liability policy and the commercial general liability policy protect you the individual. If you are incorporated, have a partnership or form any type of legal entity, you must make arrangements to protect the legal entity by purchasing a separate business policy. This type of policy is not included within your Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) membership and must be arranged separately. Click here for more information.